Calico research apps & projects

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Picture it! South San Francisco, 2017 and beyond
The modern era, but biology is still catching up.

Leveraging design for better biology and science communication. At Calico, I built bespoke research apps, and brought design know-how to scientific communication.

Animation of external Calico website for a publication about yeast transcription factors.

One of my projects was an easy-to-use template for researchers to build GitHub Pages-hosted websites to share data and findings, especially to accompany publications. It supports curated content, datasets, and even embedding apps like genome browsers and R Shiny applets, so scientists can mix and match what they need for their website.

Some of our scientific questions benefitted from apps to visualize machine learning model output, including this example that tracks the path of individual cells in microsopy imaging over time.

Animation of experimental cell-tracking algorithm user interface.