Google Suggest

Picture of Sophia Petrillo's frowning face from The Golden Girls.
Picture it! Silicon Valley, 2008
People still used Internet Explorer—for real.

The very first thing you interact with when you search. What should it do?


As Google Search found itself in more places—browsers, toolbars, and mobile phones, query suggestions became increasingly helpful for guiding people where they were going. But how could we enhance and make the search experience appropriately consistent everywhere—especialy in small spaces?

This is how you get where you’re going on the web.

The elegance of Suggest belies the fine thought, design, and engineering effort that went into it. A surprising amount of work built an experience that disappears into your routine.

Superb engineering means Google can give you direction or an answer in milliseconds. That challenged our ability to measure success. If you didn't go through with a search, did we give you what you needed?


I was the lead designer on this project to update, enhance, and make your initial Search experience consistent and magical on any platform—, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Toolbar, on a BlackBerry, or embedded in some other application.